BioPlex 2.0

The BioPlex (biophysical interactions of ORFeome-based complexes) network 2.0 is the result of creating thousands of cell lines with each expressing a tagged version of a protein from the ORFeome collection.

Now available as an interactive network based on Cytoscape.js.
Information on the previous CDF Viewer for Bioplex 1.0 can still be found here: CDF Viewer Information.
NEW! BioPlex API for automated data access. See the help page for more information.

If you are experiencing slow loading times with Chrome, please try using Firefox instead which should load faster.

To begin, select a protein of interest from the menu below:

To query multiple proteins, seperate gene symbols with commas (","). See Examples.

Connect specified nodes. Use text input above with commas (",") to seperate gene symbols.

There was an error with your input. Either the protein is not present in BioPlex or the network communities.
For more information, see the Help Page.
The submitted protein is not in one of the established communities!
For more information, see the Help Page.
Enter or select a valid protein or community.
For more information, see the Help Page.

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